New Zealand chooses to keep the current flag

New Zealanders have officially spoken and they've said yeah, nah to a new flag.
Preliminary results from the historic second referendum have been released and it shows a majority were against change.
The counted ballots show 1,200,003 votes were cast to keep the current flag, compared to 915,008 for the Kyle Lockwood-designed blue and silver fern design.
Final results are expected on March 30, but it is unlikely to change the outcome.
The Electoral Commission says a total of 2,124,507 voting forms were received, a turnout of 67.3 percent of voters, making it one of the most successful postal referendums in the country's history.
Voting in the second referendum by far exceeded the first vote which picked the official alternative flag with only 48.78 percent of the voting public returning their ballot.
The statistics-
Current NZ Flag votes: 1,200,003 (56.6%)
Kyle Lockwood flag votes: 915,008 (43.2%)
Informal votes: 4,942 (2%)
Total votes: 2,119,953
Vote turn out for the 1st referendum: 48.78%
Vote turn out for the 2nd referendum: 67.3%