Dad thanks 'rubbish truck guy' for making his son's day on Tuesdays

A message written on Facebook to a nameless rubbish truck driver has gained a lot of attention on Facebook recently.
Aaron, a dad from a small town in the Waikato, wanted to post the Facebook message to thank the rubbish collector who always goes out of his way to wave to his young son.
"We don't know your story and you don't know ours.

I never took any notice of you over the years and like everyone else just expect our wheelie bins to be picked every Tuesday morning and left again in a tidy row for us to put away.

Two years ago it all changed. All of a sudden it was a highlight for us. Every Tuesday morning we hear your big truck coming and the excitement begins. Even before he could walk or talk our son would stop what he was doing and make his way to the front door.

I would take him out side and he would look on in amazement as you expertly guided your truck around the cul de sac and picked up each bin with what has become known as your crocodile arm.

Now you could just carry on oblivious to a man and his son in the driveway but no.

What you do is take a small moment of your time and wave and say out the window hi boy! With the biggest smile. It took Alex about a year but then the day he waved back you were so happy and it made Alex laugh.

Now every Tuesday morning, Alex runs to the door and leads me out so he can watch and wave at you and as always, you wave back with a huge smile.

This morning you even out did yourself. I take Alex to daycare every morning and some mornings are harder than others. Today he didn't want to get out of the car when we got there. Then he heard your truck. He instantly wanted out so he could see you. As you drove past you recognised us. You didn't have to, but you did. Again a huge smile and wave.

Alex waved back and was so excited to go into daycare and tell everyone about you. So I thank you Tuakau rubbish truck guy. You might think it's nothing but it makes Alex so happy!!"
Awh! Sometimes less is more and this small gesture by the rubbish truck man goes a long way to helping out a wee boy.