"Friends" is getting made into a Broadway musical

goss 13/04/2017

Everyone's favourite show, and all time classic "Friends" is coming to Broadway.

The popular TV show is getting its own Broadway Musical titled Friends! The Musical, and will be staged at New York’s Triad Theatre later this year.

According to Nylon, the musical parody will “navigate the pitfalls of work, life and love in 1990s Manhattan,” and will be a mash up of all 10 seasons of Friends into one hilarious musical.

The titles for some of the song titles have apparently been releases, and if these are true, it should be all the best bits any keen fan would be looking for.

For example, there is a song called "The Only Coffee Shop In New York," and another is call “How You Doing, Ladies?”

Then there are songs called “Will They or Won’t They?” and “We Were on a Break!”

Most Friends fans will have an idea of what the scenes will be about just from the titles, and if the musical is a massive hit then maybe it might cross the ditch to us... but probably not for a long time.