Gordon Ramsay enrages Twitter's 'pineapple on pizza' debate

goss 06/04/2017

Pizza. It's the staple choice of last-minute takeaways and unexpected party feeds. But the choice of pineapple upon pizza has split friends and families into friends and foes for decades.

So it's about time someone finally asked a professional's opinion over the Hawaiian pizza debate. 

And who better to ask than the honest and opinionated TV chef, Gordon Ramsay. On Twitter, CarloDagostino posed the question to the British chef, and his response?

Pineapple does not go on top of pizza

However, Gordon Ramsay's input couldn't close the case... In fact, it just made things worse...

One tweeted: "I mean, who cares what you like bro? Pineapple on pizza is the s***! (and tuna too). Case closed"

Another wrote: "He makes gourmet restaurant food, what does he know about the cheap greasy fast food."

Well, whatever the "right" option is - you can't deny that Hawaiian will always be a popular and controversial choice.