How Meghan Trainor went 3 months without saying a word

goss 10/04/2017

"It was traumatic".

That's how singer Meghan Trainor explained how she was forced to not say a single word for three months since December last year.

The pop superstar shares details on her secret second vocal chord surgery, saying that it was a very tough journey being put on vocal rest.

"It was three months of vocal rest and then we decided let's do the surgery before Ellen. And then when we recover. It's going to be tight but you'll be able to sing on Ellen," she told the host.

"And we did it," she added. "We pulled it off." 

But how did she communicate over that time?

While she relied on things like her phone to say words, she says she is lucky enough to have such a supportive boyfriend, learning sign language so they could communicate during her recovery.

"I would spell out words for him and I'd get frustrated and I'd be like, [signing] 'No, wrong!' and he would learn and he stuck with me through it."

"He's better than whatever I wished for," she gushed.