Lorde surprises with 2 very different new songs

goss 18/04/2017

Kiwi artist Lorde's comeback is well underway, with the star taking to the stage at music festival Coachella and performing several new songs from her upcoming album.

Lorde's iconic, awkward dancing also made an appearance and the star clearly looked as though she was enjoying her return to the stage.

"Thank you so much for having me back three years later. Oh my God, this is the ****ing ****," she told the crowd, promising a great show with plenty of surprises.

She launched a new song from her next album, Melodrama, entitled 'Homemade Dynamite' - the fourth song she's now released from the album.

But the new music didn't stop there, she debuted another new song on Friday night a pre Coachella event...

"I feel like the nice thing about a night like this is there's so few of us we can do whatever we want," she told the 300 concert goers. "So I want to try something that no one knows about yet. I want to play you something from the new record. It's kind of like one of my favourite things I think I've done. It's a two-part song but they're very different. They're what the core of this album is about." 

Lorde's comeback is in full swing!