Michael Buble's wife opens up about son's cancer battle

goss 12/04/2017

Michael Buble and wife Luisana Lopilato told fans last year that they would withdraw from their careers as they support their three-year-old son Noah battling cancer.

Now, the actress has spoken about their son's improved health for the first time to the media.

In a press conference in Buenos Aires, the 29-year-old Argentinian mother of two said Noah's cancer has helped her appreciate each day.

“It’s difficult for me to speak about this, it’s very recent and I’m still a bit sensitive about the subject,” Luisana said in Spanish to paper The Daily Express.

“My son’s recovery is a long process as you all know and he has to continue with checkups. But we are very happy."

We are looking forward to thinking about the future, to seeing our children grow.

"Thank God my son is well. When things like those that happened to us occur, your take on life changes. Now I value life much more, the now and the today.”

Thanking fans for the support they’ve been sent since Noah’s diagnosis was announced last year, she said that the kindness was a great support and aid to her and her family.

“Out of respect, I wold like to thank people for their support, for the many prayers they said — for their love,” she said. “I would like them to know and tell them that everything reached me and that it helped us a lot to get through this.”

“My faith in the fact God had a miracle helped me,” she said. “I became strong so my son would get better. I transmitted that to all my friends and family.”

All the best to Noah and his continued recovery!