Mila Kunis surprises parents with renovated childhood home

goss 26/04/2017

Actress Mila Kunis brought her mum to tears when she surprised them with the renovated condo they had spend 24 years of their life in.

The 33-year-old mum-of-two invited web series 'My Houzz' to follow her journey to surprise her Ukranian-born parents Mark and Elvira.

The couple, who refused to move out from the home they raised Mila in, were instead surprised by a complete overhaul of their living room and kitchen - in a room Mila described originally as "kind of looks like Miami Vice circa 1994".

'Seeing my parents reaction to their condo for the first time made everything worth it. All the stress, the timing... everything became null and void when my mom started crying,' Mila confessed.

Watch her reaction, and appearances from husband Ashton Kutcher in the episode above.