Primary school child offered $100 to get into stranger's car

NZ 10/04/2017

An Auckland primary school pupil was offered $100 to get into a stranger's car on Monday morning, prompting a warning from to parents and other students.

In an email to parents and caregivers following the encounter, St Dominic's School in Blockhouse Bay said the pupil "did exactly the right thing" in running away and telling staff.

It issued a reminder to parents to talk to their children about what to do in similar situations and include certain scenarios of what they could come across.

It suggested one method in which the family has a password - if the person attempting to pick them up doesn't know it, then the child shouldn't get in the vehicle.

That advice came following a similar instance last week at Trentham School in Upper Hutt in which a pupil was approached by a man in a black car.

"The child asked for the password which the man got wrong. The child ran off and didn't tell his mum as he didn't want her to worry," the school wrote at the time.

In the email, St Dominic's says "children need to know exactly what the plans are for the end of day, and not be confused about who picks them up and at what time".

"As a school community we need to be watching out for each other.  If you see something untoward happening, ask questions!  Together we need to keep our children safe."