Richie McCaw announces start of his own political party

NZ 01/04/2017

Former All Blacks captain Richie McCaw has his sights set on another leadership role - leading New Zealand people.

The rugby star who led the All Blacks for almost 10 years, spoke to media about the start of his new political party, the No.7 Party.

"As a young fella you wanted to dream about being an All Black," he told Newshub. "But when you've done being the captain you want to do bigger things kind of like being Prime Minister."

The party running for candidacy in the next election will have seven main policies focusing on issues such as environment, health, and transport.

His most talked about policy, however, is pushing the construction of a waterfront stadium in Auckland City.

While the initial proposal for this was abandoned back in 2006, Richie McCaw said there needed to be a stadium that would better endorse New Zealand's position as the world leader in rugby. 

More details about his policy proposals will be released in the coming months as politicians prepare themselves towards the September 23rd election this year.

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