Which Married at First Sight 2017 couples stayed together?

goss 20/04/2017

The experiment is over!

For the first time in four years, Married at First Sight Australia trialled pairing up 10 couples (instead of four) - and it clearly tested the limits of the couples more than ever before.

Watch the final episodes on Three Now, or find out who's still with their partners below:

Cheryl and Jonathan
Aged 25 and 29
Ended before the final decision, after Cheryl claimed Jonathan seemed more interested with someone else (rumoured to be Scarlett). Cheryl tried a second relationship with another husband, Andrew (Jonesy) Jones, but that also didn't work out either.

Scarlett and Michael
Aged 30 and 30
Ended before the final decision. Scarlett was found to have been the one sending text messages to Cheryl's husband Jonathan.

Sean and Susan
Aged 37 and 35
No longer together. The distance (Susan was from NSW and Sean was from Queensland) was a bit too much.

Nadia and Anthony
Aged 37 and 33
Said Yes at the final committment, but now no longer together.

Jesse and Michelle
Aged 31 and 31
No longer together.

Sharon and Nick
Aged 31 and 30
Stayed together until July 2017. They visited New Zealand a couple of months ago and were said to have gotten matching tattoos while here. Sharon told New Idea that nine months later, she "realised that I'm not in love with him..."

Simon and Alene
Aged 37 and 31
Stayed together until May 2017 when they announced that they would "part ways", but will "remain the greatest of friends".

Andrew and Vanessa
Aged 30 and 31
Said Yes at the final committment, but now no longer together.

Lauren and Andrew (Jonesy)
Aged 33 and 38
On their wedding night, Lauren ran away for three days - so that didn't last at all. Jonsey then tried a relationship with Cheryl, and that also didn't last.

John and Deborah
Aged 54 and 53
Debbie was disappointed from the beginning that John wasn't Polynesian. Ended before the final decision.