Could new Shortland Street storyline end Dr Chris Warner?

goss 18/05/2017


After 25 years, could Shortland Street be seeing the last of Dr Chris Warner?

Actor Michael Galvin spoke to TV Guide about the future of his Shortland Street character going to be diagnosed with leukaemia.

The news came as a shock to the actor, who has been starring on the show for 21 of its 25 years on New Zealand television, and said he was "terrified" by his character's storyline.

"I got that script and in the notes between the lines it said, 'Chris doesn't know it yet but he has a serious illness'. So Michael the actor goes, 'What? A serious illness? I know what that means'."

"So I go to the makeup room – because the makeup department know things before everyone else – and say, 'Does anyone know about this serious illness Chris has got? It's not that serious right?' and one of the makeup women goes, 'I think it's leukaemia.'"

Michael Galvin says that only one in four of those diagnosed with leukaemia survive the illness, and there will be no guarantees that Dr Chris Warner will be one of them.

However, Michael is already calling the storyline as one of his "most memorable" with "challenges like no other".

"I would say it's probably the most dramatic storyline and, in a way, probably one of the most important because so many people have an experience of leukaemia – if not themselves, then with someone they know," he explained.

"So that's a responsibility for us to make it authentic and for me to make it authentic and I take that very seriously."

Source: TV Guide