Ellen awkwardly forgets Katy Perry was married before

goss 17/05/2017

Poor Ellen DeGeneres had a mind blank when she played the game 'Would You Perry Me?' with Katy Perry - and had forgotten Katy has been married before.

The singer was asked to choose between two famous men and give an answer of who she would rather "marry".

But when Katy jokingly asked if it meant she had to get "married again", things got a tiny bit awkward as Ellen showed her confusion.

“You were not married!” Ellen said to Katy.

Which then led Katy to bring up that she had been married to Russell Brand when she was 25, and that Ellen gave her a wedding gift back in 2010. Awkward.

Things got worse for Katy when she had to pick a celebrity husband, and she started stressing over trying to choose between Chris Martin and Leonardo DiCaprio.

"But what if I've kissed many of these people already?" Katy yelled.

Ellen tries to tease her about revealing which of the men she's kissed, only for Katy to clutch her chair and say "I hate this game!"

"It's fun, come on!" Ellen teases again.

"Oh it sure is for the next day's news," exclaims Katy.

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