Liam Payne watches his first meeting with Cheryl Cole on X Factor UK

goss 29/05/2017

"Ignore the hair, it was a different year!"

Liam Payne may have grown up since 2008, but he still cringes watching back his X Factor UK audition.

But what's more amazing about the audition is that it was the first time Liam Payne met his now partner and mother to his son, Cheryl Cole.

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And the then 14-year-old schoolboy was already considered cute and charming by the 24-year-old judge Cheryl Cole.

He even threw a cheeky wink at her during his audition! 

Liam explained that when he went back to school after his audition aired, he got teased a little bit by his friends for the wink, but got back at them later down the track.

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"When I got back to school and they'd played that, obviously, as you naturally laughed a long as well, I got a real ribbing for winking at Cheryl," Liam said.

"Then, come to my 23rd birthday party and here we are together and my friends are just mute in the corner."

"I've never seen my friends so quiet."