Rachel Hunter's mother loses battle with cancer

goss 22/05/2017

Rachel Hunter's mother Janeen Phillips has lost her battle with cancer.

The 47-year-old former supermodel has taken to social media recently to share intimate details of her family's struggle.

Rachel posted on Facebook this morning, announcing her mother's death.

"At 9pm last night, a complete circle of love sitting beside her... comforted Mum in her last breaths," she says.

"The beauty that surrounded that moment was a moment only she could have created. Yes, there was so much pain in her last 18 months; but we will never forget the force of beauty, fire, protectiveness, empathy, strength, and of course the realm of magic that exists in and around her."

Rachel accompanied the message with a photo of her family members.

"We will see you soon, our love. Every time I look at nature, you will exist. Mother Nature exists forever and so do you. Can't thank you everyone for love and support you have given me. So many of us go through this."