The Bachelor NZ's Lily: "Zac and I can't be friends anymore"

The Bachelor NZ 29/05/2017

"Zac and I don't give each other purpose any more."

That's what this year's Bachelor NZ runner up Lily McManus has told a magazine following the end of the reality TV show.

The 20-year-old bachelorette told Woman's Day this week that she isn't interested in catching up with Zac Franich, nor in having a friendship with him.

The magazine did report that she did have a few issues with some of his parting words on the final episode, after Zac described dating her would be like "caging a butterfly".

"What kind of f***ing stupid metaphor is that?" she asked.

I want someone who can support me, so we can grow together. What did he think he was going to do with me?

"It just showed it probably wouldn't have worked and gave me a bit of an insight as to how he treats relationships."

"I'm over it now, but I know Zac and I can't be friends anymore," she told Woman's Day.

The former snowboard instructor has since moved to Auckland, and is flatting with fellow bachelorette Hannah.

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