David Beckham receives criticism over daughter's photo

goss 05/06/2017

David Beckham's recent photo has sparked an online debate after he shared a photo of himself kissing daughter Harper on the lips.

The Beckham family are currently on holiday in the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania, but David's one photo he captioned 'Kiss for daddy' has been getting the wrong sort of attention.

People questioned if it was okay for David to kiss his five-year-old daughter on the lips, with one user even commenting that he was a "pervert".

"I try not to judge but I can't help but think it's pretty weird that he kisses her on the lips considering her age," wrote another user.

However many fans have also jumped to his defence, saying it's "awful" that people are misconstruing the love between a father and daughter.

 "What is the world coming to when such a simple and loving gesture between a father and daughter garners such hate, disgust & divisiveness?! I am dumbfounded that people feel the need to spread their hate all over such a lovely, heartwarming photo.

"It's such a shame that dad's are forced to feel uncomfortable to show affection in such a way. What is wrong with this photo is not what is happening within it but the fact that the world now sees this as inappropriate. [sic]"

The photo has received more than 1.7 million likes in support.