James Rolleston's girlfriend opens up about dealing with his critical car crash

goss 15/06/2017

Actor James Rolleston's girlfriend has spoken out about the challenges they've faced since he was critically injured in a car crash.

In a lengthy post on her Instagram account, Ayeesha Taylor emotionally recounted the Dark Horse star's time in Waikato Hospital's Intensive Care Unit after the car he was in hit a bridge near Opotiki, leaving him with a head injury and multiple fractures.

"I never imagined I would be sitting next to my partner on life support. Wondering if he was ever going to wake up, having no way of knowing what would lay ahead for him," she says.

"I remember wondering if he would simply be able to look left and right or squeeze my hand."

The 20-year-old expresses thanks for being part of Rolleston's rehabilitation process, saying she was "so blessed to be in the position to help him".

"With a great team, we taught him to relearn the basics; to talk, walk, use a knife and fork, do up a button. Like being re-born in a 19 year old body. All in order to return to a normal, independent life... Everyday was a journey in itself. "

Taylor ended the post with a warning to others about reckless driving, saying it affects not only the person involved, "but the people who love them too".

"Love and light to you all and please drive safely."

The post was accompanied with a photo of Ms Taylor in Europe, where she is currently travelling.

It's received over 500 likes in the last three hours, with many followers sending messages of support to the couple.