Jerry Seinfeld awkwardly rejects Kesha's attempt at a hug

goss 08/06/2017

Jerry Seinfeld doesn't know who Kesha is and definitely doesn't want a hug from her, as seen in a deliciously awkward video posted online this week.

The comedian and the pop star were attending an event in Washington DC when the cringe-inducing moment was captured by US radio station 94.7 Fresh FM.

The 'TiK ToK' singer interrupted an interview Seinfeld was giving, saying: "I love you so much. Can I give you a hug?"

"No thanks", the 63-year-old said - prompting Kesha to try another two times.

Seinfeld became more stern with each of the three rejections, stepping away from Kesha and raising a hand to fend her off - prompting the 30-year-old to moan audibly and scamper away.

"I don't know who that was," the Seinfeld star laughed as he turned back to the interviewer.

When he was told it was a person named "Kesha", who simply said, "OK - well, I wish her the best".

The benefit gala the pair were attending was hosted by Hugh Jackman and his wife Deborra-Lee Furness.