Kiwi singer Gin Wigmore announces she's pregnant

goss 02/06/2017

Pregnancy and a new project on the go!

That's how life is going to be for Kiwi singer Gin Wigmore who has announced she's expecting her first child with husband Jason Butler.

The L.A based singer posted on her Instagram account a phone call of her telling a close friend about her pregnancy.

"Got any names?" she teased on Instagram.

In her phone call, she joked to her friend she's already peed on a couple of pregnancy test sticks.

"For now there is two pee sticks that say pregnant," Gin tells her friend on the phone.

The singer is also planning to release more details about her collaborative new project 'Girl Gang', with her first single 'Hallow Fate' due out later this month.

Congrats Gin!