Team New Zealand have stunning victory in the America's Cup!

NZ 27/06/2017

Team New Zealand's Peter Burling has held the America's Cup aloft for the first time, the helmsman beaming with pride as he raised the Auld Mug amid a deluge of champagne.

The moment was made all the sweeter as it signified a remarkable bounce-back after a disappointing defeat at the hands of Oracle four years ago in San Francisco.

The cup was secured earlier in the morning after Team New Zealand won the first - and ultimately only - race of the day to clinch the series 7-1.

Earlier skipper Glenn Ashby spoke with pride about how his team had "fought tooth and nail right the way through this campaign".

"To come through and win this bloody trophy after four years of hard work is a big credit to the team," he said.

"Obviously it's not just us here - there's a lot of people back in New Zealand that had been working for us and supporting us.

"It's been a massive journey not just for the team, but for all our supporters."

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