Tom Cruise reacts to his 'Tom Cruise Clinging' meme for the first time

goss 15/06/2017

Actor Tom Cruise was completely unaware that he had his own meme, until he was shown the '#TomCruiseClinging' meme in a recent interview with BBC 1.

The original photo is of Tom hanging off a military jet from Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation, which was released back in 2015. However, in the two years the meme has existed, no one had bothered to let Tom Cruise know about it.

Tom finally saw a selection of the images, including him clinging to Free Willy, clinging to a cat, and of course, clinging to Nic Cage - to which the actor couldn't hold back his laughter and was in almost in a fit of coughs over it.

"Why hasn't anyone showed me that before?" Tom said of the memes. "That is hilarious."

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