Study says there are only 4 types of Facebook users and each is very different

goss 07/07/2017

The Brigham Young University has recently conducted a survery to find out about the different kinds of Facebook users. The study puts people into 4 different categories, the relationship builders, town criers, selfies, and window shoppers.

The Relationship Builder

Relationship builders use Facebook ‘as an extension of their real life, with their family and real-life friends.’

Basically, they post things, respond to other people’s posts, and send messages in a way to strengthen relationships that exist outside of Facebook.

The Town Crier

Town criers are the ones that share links to news stories, mention big events, but don’t really do personal updates.

That doesn’t mean they have no friends however, it’s just means if they want to update friends or family they'll do it directly.


For Selfies, Facebook is a platform for self-promotion,

They’ll post pictures, statuses, videos, whatever – but unlike relationship builders, they care more about getting likes and comments than connecting with their friends.

Window Shoppers

Window Shoppers. The ones who use Facebook to observe and watch, freely going through people’s profiles to mine information about their dating lives and look through all their old photos.

The Window Shopper hardly ever posts personal information. They’re only on Facebook to see what other people are doing.

Which group do you think you belong to the most?

Source: Metro