Ariana Grande bans all bags and cameras at her NZ concert

goss 30/08/2017

"Leave all bags and cameras at home, arrive early, and everything will Be Alright."

That's the message Spark Arena have given to Ariana Grande concertgoers ahead of her show in Auckland this Saturday.

The singer is performing one show in the country as part of her 'Dangerous Woman' World Tour, and security is taking futher precautions following the terror attack at her Manchester concert last May, where 22 people were confirmed to have died.

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Along with a complete bag ban, Spark Arena has also warned it would enforce a no cameras policy "very strictly". It said their staff had requested security watch for any concertgoers filming the show, and remove anyone from the concert who doesn't comply.

However bringing cellphones into the venue is still acceptable.

Doors for Ariana Grande's New Zealand concert open at 6.30pm at Spark Arena, but concertgoers have been asked to arrive early to avoid any extra hold ups at the gate.