David Hasselhoff shares 'Knight Rider' reboot in the works

goss 14/08/2017

Hollywood veteran David Hasselhoff has revealed that cult classic TV show Knight Rideris poised to get a remake - and revealed that while he plans on acting in it, he may not inhabit the starring role.

The 65-year-old actor announced that he and Movie 43 director James Gunn are going in on "a full-blown TV series" together, and are now in the process of getting rights to it.

While there was talk of Fast & Furious filmmaker Justin Lin launching his own online reboot of the iconic '80s show last year, Hasselhoff implied that's no longer the case.

He says his relationship with Gunn on the set of Guardians of the Galaxy 2, which Gunn directed and Hasselhoff had a cameo in, was key to getting the idea off the ground.

He said Gunn had told him he was "really affected" by Knight Rider as a young boy - and after Hasselhoff revealed he wanted to bring it back as a series starring him, Gunn was all in.

"It really came out of my relationship with James and the fact that he watched the show when he was eight - it's crazy," Hasselhoff told TMZ.

"I had this idea for a long time and James just jumped on it - and all of a sudden out of his mouth was 'I'm trying to get the rights to do this'.

"I said, 'Can I mention it to other channels?' and he said, 'Sure' - and the reaction was really fantastic, so we'll see what happens."

Hasselhoff said they are now in the talks to get the rights to make "a full-blown TV series" featuring him - despite him being 35 years older now than when the programme first launched.

He hinted that's been playing on his mind a little, and said that while he wouldn't drop out of an acting role completely, he would relinquish the role of Michael Knight to a younger actor.

"All the people that've seen the other reboots of Knight Rider didn't like it," he said, referencing the poor public reaction to a series of spinoffs and remakes of the show in the three decades since it went off air.

"I keep saying [the backlash came about because] it's got to be true to what it was. Let me be the old guy, let me be Devon.

"I can't run, I can't fight, I can't jump - but I can still drive."

Devon Miles, the character Hasselhoff was referring to, is the head honcho of FLAG Industries - an iconic character who issues mission details to Michael Knight and his talking car KITT.