Ed Sheeran surprises concert goers with a Shawn Mendes duet

goss 18/08/2017

Excited concert-goers at Shawn Mendes' Brooklyn concert this week were given a real treat, with a surprise guest that triggered screams which almost caused the walls to cave in. 

While 19-year-old singer Mendes was in the middle of his hit 'Mercy' at the Brooklyn Barclays Centre, a certain ginger-haired English singer came on stage. 

Ed Sheeran made a surprise appearance dressed casually in bright red shorts and a flannel shirt, to a ballistic crowd. He helped Mendes finish the second verse of 'Mercy' before the two harmonized for the rest of the song.

"That was just as crazy for me as it was for you guys," Mendes told fans as Sheeran waved goodbye and walked away. As one fan pointed out on Twitter, almost exactly four years ago to the day Mendes tweeted "To ever meet Ed Sheeran would honestly be the best, hes 100% the person i look upto for music."