Mark Richardson orders The Block NZ Twins to be sent home

The Block NZ 31/08/2017

"Go and see someone you love, go and see someone whose opinion matters to you and get completely away from this environment."

That was the advice Three's The Block NZ host Mark Richardson gave to Julia and Ali during yesterday's episode.

The Twins, whose no-nonsense banter and behaviour has polarised audiences, has come under fire from social media abuse during the season, and it appeared to be too much.

Following a 24-hour community challenge during the episode, the Auckland-based Twins had mysteriously disappeared off-site, with no one able to get in contact with the 28-year-olds.

It was enough for host Mark to stage an intervention over his concerns for their mental health.

"I think emotionally you guys are struggling. You've been getting an absolute pounding social-media wise. You guys are struggling, you have to admit over the past couple of weeks, it's really ground you down."

"I think if you continue in this state, you won't get the house finished to the standard that I want, you want and I think the market will want. What I feel is best for you guys is if you just flag this week."

"It's not an option. It's non-negotiable," he told the two.

The pair are the first team in Block history to be ordered off-site.