Pink's stage catches on fire as she sings brand new single

goss 21/08/2017

Pink's performance was "just like fire" after a firework went wrong and caught her stage on fire.

The singer was performing at V Festival in the UK as she sung her brand new hit 'What About Us'. 

Admittedly forgetting the words to her new song, as Pink moved towards the front of the stage, fans began to chant "fire" and point out to stage workers the a small blaze caught on the top right hand side of the set.

A source told The Sun: "The fire started when a firework went off and hit the top of the stage."

"It started off small but then kept growing until a man climbed up to the top to put it out. It was really worrying at one point but Pink just kept singing."

Staff managed to put a stop to the fire before it caused any damage.