Pink widely praised by working mums after sharing candid pic online

Pink's well known for sharing her views and being candid online, and her latest Instagram post is no different.

The star can be seen using a breast pump, presumably pumping milk backstage at one of her concerts - proof that parenting never stops for anyone!

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Fans of the star were quick to show their support.

"Thank you so much for posting this! As a fellow working/pumping mum I love to see others doing the same. Seeing you do it keeps me motivated." wrote one mum.

"I needed to see this. I'm 3 weeks in on breastfeeding & super discouraged." confessed another.

Someone else also praised the star by saying "Thank you for capturing these moments. Normalising breastfeeding/pumping is awesome." 

The photo has been liked over 250,000 times online since.