Tourists reveal the top reasons they didn't enjoy their time in New Zealand

NZ 16/08/2017

A report into tourists' impressions of New Zealand has found most of them had a good time, but what about those less than satisfied tourists?

Ninety-six percent of visitors surveyed in the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment's International Visitor Survey said the country met or exceeded their expectations, but for those that had negative experiences, there were some stand out areas. 

High costs were a popular reason for lower scores across accommodation, activities, food and beverage outlets, and public transport.

Food & beverage

24 percent said expense was the main reason for the low score. Closely following was limited choice and poor food quality.


The main reason for the low score was 'no free internet', but this was becoming less of an issue.


Expense was a factor, at 20 percent. Crowding and a lack of organisation were also cited.

Customer Service

There was no clear reason for this, but most frequently mentioned was unfriendly staff, and staff that didn't care. 

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