Ed Sheeran stops mid-concert to dedicate song to a baby

goss 02/09/2017

Talk about the best first concert ever!

It may not be a concert little Cooper Sheeran Smith will remember personally, but her parents Rocky and Harmony were more than excited when singer Ed Sheeran noticed their one-year-old during his show.

The singer caught wind of the young baby in the crowd named after him, and couldn't help but stop the show to talk about her.

“Her middle name is Sheeran?” Ed asked her parents, before saying, “I’ve never seen a baby this calm at a concert. Just chilling there for the whole thing and you guys have been loud, you’re singing and she’s just kinda like…I love babies.”

After meeting the family, Ed asked the audience to sing along to his next song 'Dive', which he dedicated to her.

“I want you to be as loud as you can,” he said. “‘Cause she’s gonna be chill.”

The couple spoke to E! News after the concert, mentioning that Ed played a big role in Cooper’s life, even before she was born. The couple suffered from infertility, and played Ed Sheeran's music during procedures of intrauterine insemination (IUI).