Pregnant mum covers herself in bees in bizarre maternity photoshoot

omg 04/09/2017

It's not uncommon for pregnant mummas-to-be to put themes to their beautiful maternity photo shoots. In the past, we've seen mums embrace being Disney princesses, mermaids, and other such fun photo shoots. However, the theme of "bees" is definitely a new one.

Mother-to-be Emily Mueller embraced bees, literally, in a photo shoot for her fourth child, in a series of photographs taken by photographer Kendrah Damis.

The mum-to-be, who happens to be a beekeeper at her family's honey bee rescue, says the photo shoot was like riding a rollercoaster, and that the bees are more gentle, and are not "as scary as you may think."

“Not scary, but intense,” she explains to People Magazine. “Sure, I was nervous at first, but then it’s so exciting in the moment. My adrenaline was rushing and I was only focused on the 20,000 bees on me."

The 33-year-old mum, who already has three children, got into beekeeping after suffering several miscarriages.

“Bees represent the beginning of new life and after my second miscarriage, I needed a new release,” she says. “I connected with the bees and it helped take my mind off of other hardships that were surrounding me at the time, some people do yoga… I do bees.”

“It’s going to be our last child. So we knew we had to commemorate the last pregnancy in a special way."

Emily took precautions ahead of the photo shoot by feeding the bees sugar water so they were too full to bend and sting, and was only stung four times during the process after she accidentally squished a few of the bees.