Stace makes jabs at The Block NZ after controversial auction

goss 19/09/2017

The Block NZ 2017 star Stacey Cottril has taken to social media to share her feelings on Sunday night's dramatic auction.

After missing her flight home on Monday night, she tweeted: "Flight home to Palmy cancelled. No wait. Maybe they awarded me the seat. And then decided to take it away?"

The tweet appears to be a jab at what happened in the season finale, when Stace and Yanita thought they had won, before Andy and Nate's home took out the top prize in a second auction after not meeting reserve in its first auction.

Stace and Yanita ended up taking $20,000 for their efforts - more than the $1000 won by fellow contestants Ling and Zing and the $13,000 by Julia and Ali, but still vastly short of the $120,000 they thought they had won.

Stace posted on Instagram on Monday, saying she and Yanita were "devastated".