The Block NZ crowns its 2017 winner

The Block NZ 17/09/2017

After an eventful ride of teams sent home, surprise proposals, and strategic scoring, it has finally ended.

It took three months of hard work, but all four houses made profit at the sixth season of The Block NZ: Side x Side.

Yellow Team's Andy and Nate didn't manage to get their house sold under the hammer in the first round of their house auction, but finally made profit as they stole first place at the final minute, selling their house for $1.25 million with a profit of $31,000. They take home a prize of $131,000.

Orange Team, Stace & Yanita, were in bittersweet second place, walking away with $20,000 profit after their house sold for $1.271 million.

Blue Team, twins Julia and Ali, came third and pocketed $13,000 after their house sold for $1.242 million.

This was followed by Purple Team Ling and Zing, who profited only $1,000 after their house sold under the hammer at $1.3 million.

Andy and Nate also won as the sixth season's People's Choice Award, taking home a new car.

In season five's Block 'Girls vs Boys', purple team Sam and Emmett walked away with the series biggest ever prize of $480,000.

Season four's Block 'Villa Wars' purple team Brooke and Mitch won $290,000. Series three's 2014 winners Alex & Corban Walls won a huge $307,000. Series two in 2013 saw Alice and Caleb Pearson take home $261,000, and series one inaugural winners Libby and Ben Crawford took home $237,000 in 2012.

Andy & Nate's winning house: