The Block NZ Twins used their 'forced leave' to do more painting

The Block NZ 05/09/2017

When host Mark Richardson ordered The Block NZ twins, Julia and Ali, home for a weekend, they decided they would use that time away from painting on The Block to do more painting on another house.

"Go and see someone you love, go and see someone whose opinion matters to you and get completely away from this environment," Mark Richardson told Julia and Ali, after he showed his concern over their mental well-being.

The twins posted to their own Instagram accounts what they got up to during that forced weekend away, by helping out on neighbour Anwynn’s home as part of last week’s community challenge on the show.

Getting their boyfriends involved, the twins went back to finish restoring and repainting Anwynn's windowsills, which they ran out of time to complete during the show.

"We didn't feel like we deserved a weekend off the block so we got our supplies from home and went back to Anwynn's and finished off all her windowsills with our bf's and puppies! She made us a roast lunch too! Love her, sweetest soul!!! So nice to be able to help her out. Community challenge round 2!" Julia wrote on Instagram.

The Twins' forced leave drew a lot of criticism from their fellow Blockmates, who were less than pleased to find out that the room reveal was to be delayed, in order to give Julia and Ali more time to complete.

The teams will have a double room reveal this week, on both their stairwell/entrance ways, powder rooms, and their rooftop terrace.