Trade Me predicts who could win The Block NZ for 2017

The Block NZ 14/09/2017

The popularity vote doesn't necessarily translate to a win.

That's the inside information a spokesperson from Trade Me Property has said about the likely winners for The Block NZ this year.

The four properties have been listed on the Trade Me site for everyone to view, but in an interview with Fairfax, they've found over the years "the most viewed property of the season won't win," the Trade Me guru said.

"How their auctions pan out will depend on how well they finish their houses and the skill of their agents and auctioneer from Ray White."

In the past, The Block NZ's most viewed property, Pete and Andy from season 2, were the 7th most viewed property in Trade Me history - but only placed third on the show.

Season four saw Cat and Jeremy as the property with the most Trade Me interest, but were only tied at second place.

And in Season five, Niki and Tiff's was the most viewed, but placed last on the show. Meanwhile, winners Sam and Emmett had the least number of views on Trade Me.

Currently, Ling and Zing have the most views on their Trade Me listing, while Julia and Ali have the least, only just beaten by Andy and Nate.

"More often than not the team in third, in terms of views, comes out on top so at this point we're tipping Andy and Nate for the win but there is still plenty of time before the auctions and the other team's agents will no doubt have something to say I'm sure."

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