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Ever wondered why the Royal Family don't have a last name?

goss 03/10/2017

Prince George started school earlier this month which led to the question being asked: What will his classmates and teachers use when they refer to his last name?

It's a known fact that the British Royal Family doesn't have a last name and the reason why is actually really obvious - they don't need one.

“They’re so famous that they’re easily identifiable without one,” Business Insider reports.

Historically royal family members haven’t had a last name at all, they only answered to their first names and the house or dynasty they were members of.

However in 1917, King George V designated “Windsor” as the royal family’s official surname, after Windsor Castle, one of the royal properties.

To this day, the British royal family is still known as the House of Windsor and that is the last name that Queen Elizabeth II goes by too.

As for Prince George's last name at school, he will go by George Cambridge, as his mother and father are The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

Source: Aol Lifestyle