Gordon Ramsey vows to not speak to Jamie Oliver after 'miscarriage' feud

goss 11/10/2017

Gordon Ramsay is vowing to never speak to Jamie Oliver as a feud between the pair of celebrity British chefs heats up.

The 50-year-old Hell's Kitchen star claims the 42-year-old Naked Chef star mocked his wife Tana for suffering a miscarriage in a jibe about 'family size'.

Ramsay is demanding Oliver apologise before he rescinds his threat of not talking to him ever again.

Both men are hugely successful, with nearly 100 restaurants between them and an estimated collective net worth of over NZ$500 million.

Their beef started when Ramsay insulted Oliver in a TV appearance, attacking his cooking and calling him "fat" and in need of a "f**king good wash".

Oliver responded in a later interview by saying he wasn't bothered by the comments, comparing them to things a dementia-sufferer says.

"I was doing TV years before him, so maybe five years ago it would have bothered me and I may have responded," Oliver told The Sun in August.

"But he's got four kids and I've got five kids, and I don't want to be slagging off some kids' dad on telly. It's not nice."

This week, Ramsay hit back, suggesting the comment referred to the miscarriage he and wife Tana suffered last year.

"Jamie turned round and said, 'I've got five kids, he's got four kids'. To judge someone else's family on the amount of kids you have," he told Radio Times.

"Boys will always fight and butt heads but Tana was mortified, I mean really mortified."

He added that he won't talk to Oliver again until he says sorry to Tana.

Oliver has not responded.