Heatwave set to hit South Island for most of this week

NZ 31/10/2017

The South Island is expected to bake in a heat wave this week, as temperatures surge above 20degC, heading into the first week of November.

The MetService says, while much of the country can expect low to mid-20s, Otago and Canterbury, in particular, will reach up to 5degC higher than normal, meeting the official definition of a heat wave.

However, the warm days could also bring on sea breezes that cause isolated showers to the afternoons for inland areas.

"This is something we commonly see in the warmer months," MetService meteorologist Claire Flynn says.

"The showers will generally be quite isolated, meaning many people won't see one. 

"However, there is a risk that some of those showers could turn into thunderstorms for the likes of inland Wairarapa, Nelson Lakes and the Kaikoura ranges."

Up the other end of the country, there won't be many sunny skies, with parts of the northeast of the North Island expecting cloudy spells.