Kiwi treats like Pineapple Lumps and Jaffas now to be made overseas

NZ 17/10/2017

New Zealand's most iconic treats such as Jaffas and Pineapple Lumps will now have a new home after an announcement revealed the Kiwi confectionery will now be made in Australia.

The announcement comes after "an exhaustive search" to find a local supplier to work with to keep production in New Zealand.

"Unfortunately, we only received one formal response to the RFP [business proposal] documents from a local supplier that was interested in manufacturing the full portfolio of Kiwi products in New Zealand," Mondelēz New Zealand Country Head, James Kane said in a statement.

"We've worked very closely with that supplier over the last six months to try and find a way for them to take on the work, however the unique requirements of these products  particularly the marshmallow based products - meant it simply wasn't possible."

Mr Kane expressed the team had invested hundreds of hours trying to find a workable solution for a potential local manufacturer.

"We were absolutely hoping we could make a local solution work for the entire portfolio which included multiple visits by members of our Dunedin, ANZ and regional teams to the site to assess their existing technologies and work processes," he said.

"The iconic Kiwi products require particular technologies, production processes and skills, and very few manufacturers anywhere in the world could take on this work while continuing to match our product requirements."

Mondelēz says its hoping to move production across the ditch early next year.