Married At First Sight NZ bride Lacey applies for Bravo television role

goss 18/10/2017

Married At First Sight star is facing a backlash after setting her sights on staying onscreen after the reality show has finished, despite accusing her new husband of only wanting to be famous. 

Lacey Swanpol featured in a compilation video of auditions Bravo posted to their Facebook page on Wednesday. She's one of many Kiwis applying to represent Bravo on television, social media and at events.

She appears to be giving her take on a particular Bravo moment, saying "that's like putting toothpaste back in the tube" in her two seconds onscreen. 

In Monday night's episode of MAFS, Lacey accused her new husband Luke of only going on the show to "become a famous comedian".

"You lied to me and to all of my friends and family. Your friends told all of my friends why you're on this show, and I know you think it's a joke, but I don't think it's a joke," she said during a fight at the cocktail party.

"The fact that all of your friends and family, including your dad, told my dad that the only reason you were on this show was so that you could become a famous comedian - it's not a joke to me."

She's now facing a backlash in the comments on Bravo's post, with one commenter calling her a "bloody hypocrite".

"She got sh**ty at Luke for saying he wanted to be famous. But here she is I'm sure. Trying to be famous," one person wrote.

"This actually makes everything she said to Luke mean absolutely nothing, acting like she's all genuine and in it for the right reasons," said another.

"She was going off at her husband Luke for wanting to be famous and she's applied for Bravo local host. What a bloody hypocrite."