Married at First Sight NZ's Bel says the reality show cost her good friends

Married at First Sight 06/10/2017

Bel may be giving love a second chance in Married At First Sight NZ, but some “good friends” didn’t.

The 25-year-old bride, who happened to appear earlier this year on The Bachelor New Zealand season 3, is back on screens marrying a complete stranger – leaving her fate up to the experts.

The choice to return to reality TV dating made her go "a little bit insane" in the lead-up to her wedding, but her friends calmed her and kept her "really grounded", she told Newshub.

However, not all her friends were as supportive.

"They told me I was stupid and that they didn't agree with it," she said to Woman's Day.

“They’ve left my life now. This has cost me some very good friends – well, what I thought were good friends. But the ones who have stood by me through this decision are amazing. I couldn’t ask for better, more supportive friends.”

Like many of the other entrants on the show, Bel has been struggling with the modern dating world, saying some of her worst experiences were spawned from dating app Tinder.

"One guy asked me to rate the date as he dropped me home," she laughed.

"First he took me for a drive all round these houses, saying 'this is an expensive one', 'this is an expensive one', 'I could buy all of them'.

"He took his jumper out, and I thought 'oh great, it's cold' and he puts it on himself and keeps himself nice and warm, and I thought 'oh, I thought this was going a different way'."

Fingers crossed that she’s finally met the right one!

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