Married at First Sight NZ's Luke posts a cheeky video about his "commitment"

goss 24/10/2017

What do you do when your reality TV marriage ends on national TV? Joke about it!

'Married at First Sight NZ' groom and described "comedian" Luke Cederman may have tried to defend himself to his former bride Lacey Swanepoel that he wasn't after fame, but he couldn't help post a tongue-in-cheek video about the situation, the day after he exited the Three TV show.

Posting as part of his online TV series 'Raglan Surf Report', the 34-year-old surf enthusiast appears on screen describing the effort it takes to head to Piha for perfect surf conditions.

However, when he drops his car keys in the driveway, his commitment seems to waver, coming up with hundreds of excuses why he can't pick up his keys.

"I guess I can't surf today... Oh well! I gave it 110 per cent!" he says, referencing one of Lacey's final words to him about their marriage.

Meanwhile, his former wife appeared on The AM Show this morning, reflecting on her time in the TV series as "owning" the role of the villain.

"It's definitely something that's been a fun experience. But I'd love to do it again knowing what I know now," Lacey told Duncan Garner.