New Zealand 'Bird of the Year' named after tough competition

NZ 24/10/2017

A winner has been named of Forest and Bird's Bird of the Year competition for 2017.

Forest and Bird's annual competition attracted over 50,000 votes this year - a huge improvement on the 20,000 votes filed last year, when the kokako ruled the roost, and the previous highest tally of 30,000.

It raised more than $10,000 in donations to help the organisation protect and restore our wildlife.

A fortnight ago, the competition became embroiled in controversy when one Christchurch citizen attempted to manipulate it in favour of the white-faced heron, casting 100 fraudulent votes in the dead of the night.

The Results...

4th - Hihi

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3rd - Kakapo

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2nd - Kereru

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1st - Kea 

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Source: Newshub.