Pink's husband slammed after posting 'dangerous' video of son online

goss 27/10/2017

Pink’s husband Carey Hart has received some unexpected criticism online after sharing a video of his son on Instagram.

Carey uploaded a video of his 10 month old son on a skateboard with the caption ‘Jameson getting in a skate session today.’

While the video may seem harmless to some, others have slammed Carey and called the whole thing ‘dangerous.’

'Excuse me, WHERE IS HIS HELMET?', one person wrote, with another adding 'come on Carey put some kind of helmet on the kid!'

Despite some criticism, fans of the family were quick to jump to their defence.

'No need for a helmet when the parents are watching the child a foot away', said one person. 'I say bring back the old school parenting. We all turned out just fine!’ added another.

Do you see any anything wrong with Carey’s video of his son?