Victoria Beckham criticised after giving her sons a fake 'happy hour'

goss 24/10/2017

Ex Spice Girl Victoria Beckham has received backlash online after posting a picture of her son sitting poolside with a non alcoholic drink in hand. 

"Two little old men! #fizzyapplejuice #drinksatsunset #happyhour" the star wrote on her Instagram account.

While the photo was meant to be seen in an innocent and light-hearted way, that is far from the reaction it has received online. Even though the kids were drinking fizzy apple juice, many took issue with the fact that she opted to give it to them in a glass more commonly used for alcohol.

"They are only kids… That's wrong." wrote one person.

"Is your boy not a little bit too young?" questioned another.

But some of her followers did jump in to defend her.

"Oh come on people! Can u not read!? As if it would be alcohol!" 

Another user hit out at people who had acussed  Victoria of giving them real alcohol, "you might want to try this really old thing that people used to do, it's called reading! A photo doesn't explain everything, you need to read the captions!!" 

Do you see anything wrong with the pic she shared?

Source: Essential Kids