8 Things you could buy if you won Lotto's $30 million Powerball

NZ 09/11/2017

Nobody took out the $27 million Lotto Powerball grand prize on Wednesday evening meaning a whopping $30 million is now on the line this weekend.

It's an amount so huge it can be hard to visualise. On the current minimum wage income, it would take 915 years to earn that amount and that's not including tax.

But it could take a lot less time to spend it - so what exactly could you buy if you win?

  1. 5000 month-long European holidays
  2. 837 of the world's most expensive taco
  3. 7,500,000 Takeaway coffees at $4 each
  4. 30 average Auckland houses at $1 million each
  5. Around 75 of the Ferrari 488 GTB
  6. 60 new school classrooms
  7. 14,292 of the new 256GB iPhone X
  8. 60 bottles of the world's most expensive wine