Ed Sheeran’s looking for someone to serenade, and eat pizza with

goss 08/11/2017

It’s the ultimate experience any Ed Sheeran fan would want!

The red-headed 26-year-old singer is offering fans the chance to be privately serenaded by him, and join him for an LA pizza party.

Teaming up with AIDS charity (RED) to raise money for mums and kids with the disease, Ed is offering this one-on-one experience, as well as limited edition t-shirts, an autographed tour jacket and a signed Divide guitar, which have already sold out.

Sharing how much his two passions of pizza and music relate, Ed played a game of Cheesy Love Song or Cheesy Pizza Review.

“We're gonna share two of the most emotional experiences that the world has to offer: a private acoustic performance of a love song... and pizza,” Ed said.

“Love songs and pizza seem like a random combination. Or are they so similar, that they're almost impossible to tell apart?” he teased.

Watch Ed Sheeran play ‘Love Song Lyric or Pizza Review?’ below: