Man posing as kids TV show trying to scam parents for photos of kids

NZ 29/11/2017

Sticky TV has issued a warning after reports someone pretending to be an employee of the show is contacting parents and asking for pictures and videos of their children.

The man, who uses multiple Facebook profiles, messages parents claiming they've won competitions before asking for personal details, Three, which airs the children's show, says.

"All competitions are housed on our official Facebook page, Instagram and website," Three's Facebook post reads.

"If you receive a message like this, please report the profile to Facebook."

It's prompted other Facebook users to come forward saying they too have been approached by a man claiming to work for kids' shows, asking for photos of children covered in slime and showing their feet in exchange for prizes.

"Just the other day some mums from Taupo shared a story about a man saying he was from nickelodeon and had free family passes to various places to give away," one commenter on the post said.

"When he chose a winner he would message the mum and ask them who they would take, the ages of the kids and if the kids could send him pictures or videos of them saying different things."

Another Facebook user, who wants to stay anonymous, told Newshub the man posts in Facebook groups saying he's got prizes to give to families.

"Then he [private messages the parent] saying I need someone to be gunged ... and then asks [the child's] name and age and if they can send a photo."

Gunging means to pour any thick liquid over your body - usually slime - and is a popular segment in children's shows.

"I've seen people who have been sucked into it … later he asks the kids to have bare feet in the photos or that they send a video of the kids doing silly things."

"[He's] been at it for years saying he's either from Sticky TV or nickelodeon."

Screenshots dating back to last year, shared in an Auckland buy and sell group, tell similar stories.

The photos show a man offering a mother tickets to Rainbow's End on "one condition".

"Someone has to get slimed to get the tickets," he says.

Multiple profiles of similar nature date as far back as 2014, using different names - but it is believed the same individual is behind all of the profiles.

Newshub has contacted Netsafe and the police for comment.

If you have received any similar messages or provided any details to a similar profile, please contact Netsafe for advice by calling 0508 NETSAFE or emailing