NZ ranked best place in the world to travel 4 years in a row

NZ 03/11/2017

A recent survey from the Telegraph Travel Awards has ranked New Zealand as the best place to travel in the world, with Maldives in 2nd and South Africa in 3rd.

The survery had over 75,000 respondants so a large number of people must have had a positive experience when they visited!

The Telegraph listed some reasons why New Zealand took out the top spot...

  1. The landscapes
  2. Maori Culture
  3. Whale watching
  4. Geothermal activity in places like rotorua
  5. Proximity to beaches
  6. It looks like Middle-Earth

Given how beautiful our slice of the world is, we're not surprised more and more people want to come here!

Source: OnlyInNewZealand